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One happy winner was awarded the chance of a lifetime: a dental makeover! BTUFF Magazine teamed up with our very own Dr. Trunkey, to select a winner based on a letter written stating why he or she wanted to be a smile makeover candidate. With over 30 contestants including both adults and children that entered for a chance to win, the decision was tough for Dr. Trunkey. After some thought, Dr. Trunkey selected San Diego native, Chris Cowan.

Mr. Cowan entered the contest as a tobacco chewer for over 30 years and was focused on making his dental health a priority.

Watch the initial consultation, where Dr. Trunkey and Mr. Cowan sit down to discuss the contest, how Dr. Trunkey chose the winner and what condition Mr. Cowan is in regarding his dental health.

See the amazing final results! With some cosmetic dentistry and a little bit of special Trunkey Dental care, Mr. Cowan can now show off the smile of his dreams! At Trunkey Dental, we love giving back to the community and making patient care a priority in Bakersfield. The contestants that were not selected were given courtesy memberships to Trunkey Dental for dental care.

If you would like to find out more information or get a natural and beautiful looking smile like our contestant winner, call our office today to get the smile YOU deserve!

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