Dental Emergencies

It is our earnest hope that you will never have the painful experience of a dental emergency. However, if that dreaded day ever comes for you, we will be here to meet your need. While the staff at Trunkey Dental is passionate about preventative dentistry, we take pride in meeting your dental emergencies and finding the solution that will take away the pain and get you back on the road to good oral health. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our office immediately and set an up appointment, or fill out our online form. If your dental emergency is presenting a life-threatening situation, please call 911 right now.


  • Any accident or injury that has knocked out a tooth
  • Severe dental pain that is interrupting your sleeping, eating, or other activities
  • A tooth, implant, or denture that has been cracked, broken, or chipped
  • Gums that have severely swollen
  • Fillings that have fallen out of your teeth
  • Teeth that have become abscessed

As in any emergency, it is important that you approach a dental emergency with a calm attitude. Becoming overly excited can cause you to cause additional damage that will bring additional pain and expense. If your permanent tooth has fallen out, we recommend that you keep it moist. You can hold it in your mouth until you get to our office, or you can place it in a container with some whole milk until we can see you. If you are experiencing severe pain or swelling, we recommend that you apply a cold compress to the affected area of your face and jaw.

Contact our dental office as quickly as possible after an emergency and schedule an emergency appointment.

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