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Cleanings & Digital X-Rays

At Trunkey Dental, we are pleased to offer digital x-rays. Not only are these more convenient, but they also require significantly less radiation than conventional x-rays. The x-rays are taken with a small electronic sensor and instantly transmitted to the video monitor in your treatment room. This allows us to see the condition of your teeth instantly without waiting for the development of traditional x-rays.

We will often take digital x-rays when you come in for your annual exam and cleaning. We are strong believers in preventive dentistry through regular cleanings. In order to maintain superior oral health and avoid larger dental issues, it is important to visit your dentist every six months. At these appointments, we will give a thorough exam as well as clean your teeth (known as dental prophylaxis). These visits should be in addition to the good oral hygiene that you practice at home on a daily basis. During the cleaning, our registered dental hygienist will clean your teeth and focus on hard to reach areas where plaque and tartar can begin to build up. We will be on the lookout for problems that may be in the early stages and address them right away. Many oral health issues can develop without producing any clear symptoms. They are problems that a trained dentist will notice during your regular cleanings.


What the dentist calls a dental prophylaxis, you most likely call a teeth cleaning. During this procedure, we will clean your teeth and gums thoroughly.

  • We will remove plaque and tartar from below and above your gum line
  • We will remove tooth stains that are beginning to appear
  • You will be able to enjoy fresher breath because of the thorough cleaning of hidden plaque and tartar

During this appointment, the Registered Dental Hygienist will also search your oral cavity for any other problems that may be developing.


We recommend that you visit for a check-up and a cleaning every six months. If you have specific problems or a history of dental difficulties, you may need to come in more often for checkups.

These checkups and cleanings are your friend! They will help you stay out of the dentist’s office with more serious issues, prevent pain that has developed as a result of these issues, and save you money. Call today and set up your regular cleaning visit!

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