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Dentures have long been an effective way to replace missing teeth. These teeth may be missing for any number of reasons. Dentures are designed to be natural looking so that they look like your original teeth, and can be removed when necessary. These replacement teeth help a patient with eating and speaking, and also help provide a natural-looking smile.

Two kinds of dentures are available to meet your needs. A consultation with your dentist will help you determine which types of dentures are suitable for your needs.

  • Complete dentures: Whenever you hear someone talk about false teeth, they are more than likely referring to a set of complete dentures. These are used when a patient has lost all of his teeth or had them all removed.
  • Partial dentures: In this situation, some replacement teeth will be interspersed with your remaining natural teeth. They are similar in nature to dental bridges. The difference is that partial dentures are removable, but dental bridges are permanently placed.


The most obvious benefit is that the patient will now be dealing with a full set of teeth once more. This carries the aesthetic benefit of greatly improving the appearance of your smile. In addition, you will find that you are able to chew and talk more naturally. This will provide increased confidence in your social and professional interactions. If your dentures are properly cared for, they will last for many years and look like a natural part of your smile.


When you get dentures, your dentist will provide some specific and details instructions for their care. This includes the often-seen television image of soaking them in a glass. For the best results, you should soak your dentures each night in a glass of water with dental cleaning tablets. This process should be performed on a daily basis.


If you think you may be a candidate for dentures, contact our office today in order to set up a consultation. Our dentist can examine the details and help you know what will work best in your situation.

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