Hands down the best dentistry office in town. I've been to quite a few dentists in my lifetime and I've never had such a comfortable, relaxing, painless dental procedure like I did with Dr. Trunkey. Dr. Trunkey and his entire staff really make you feel like part of their family. You don't feel like another patient, I got greeted by my name and a friendly smile every time I walked through the doors!! Little details like that really make a big difference in customer service!! I just want to thank Dr. Trunkey and all his staff with great gratitude for getting my smile back at happily ever after!!
Alonso T.
I have never experienced such great & professional service from a dental office before. I am amazed at how genuinely caring and concerned the staff & dentist are. I had such a pleasant visit that I almost didn't want to leave. They thoroughly answered all my questions & also explained things in detail for me. They know what they are doing and they'll make sure you are comfortable at all times. I never felt 'pressured' to purchase any other services or products, they simply gave me options to choose from and left the decision making to me. I also noticed that they addressed me by my name and not by "patient," which made me feel that much extra special. These are just a few 'awesome' things I can say about the staff & dentist. And this was my first visit!!!! I'm actually looking forward to my next visit (never thought I'd say that about visiting a dentist) You're treated like family there. I can't say enough great things about this place.
Anna G.
Would just like to say that Dr. Trunkey, in my humble opinion, is the best DDS in Bakersfield. I HATE HATE HATED going to the dentist, but Dr. Trunkey and his staff has actually made going a pleasant experience. I know of no other doctor that will actually call and introduce himself before your first appointment and meet you at the door the morning of your appt. I was shocked and actually thought I was in an attorney’s office at first. He reviewed my treatment plan from another dentist and was told that none of the 18,000 dollars of work the other dentist told me was necessary. I saved 17,000 dollars and my teeth look brand new. My whole family will be seeing Dr Trunkey for now on. Thank you to Dr Trunkey and his staff.
I tried waiting as long as possible, but eventually my dental problems caught up with me, and I had to find a doctor. I found an advertisement for Dr. Trunkey. His office was able to get me in quickly and deal with my emergency. Then they worked out a personalized treatment plan for the remaining cavities and root canals that I needed to take care of. Dr. Trunkey's office staff go out of their way to make me feel welcome and at ease. After an appointment you are given the doctor's personal cell phone number in case any problems arise. Dr. Trunkey calls the day after a treatment to make sure I am doing well. His office has been understanding regarding my financial situation and allow me to make payments. The office takes many different insurance plans. They also have started offering their own preventative care plan to those without dental insurance. This has really helped in my case. Dr. Trunkey has done all of my major work. He is very talented, patient and resourceful when it comes to tricky teeth and dental problems that have gone too long. His motto is "no guilt", meaning - here are the facts of where we are, it doesn't matter how we got there and no need feeling guilty for being there. He wants each patient to have the healthiest mouth and smile possible. He truly cares about you.
Lacy T.
I received the best dental experience ever! I've been searching for a "home" here in Bakersfield for around 8 years. I'd had the same dentist in VA since childhood and was trying to find that true, comforting care. I'd previously gone to Gosford to receive their advertised "new patient" price. Needless to say, I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder going into Trunkey; Surely they too would attempt to upsell me. I felt completely comfortable right from the first phone call. I was very clear about my needs and felt like I was heard. My husband also needs serious dental repairs so I was shopping for a place we could trust. I didn't wait at all before Griselda gave me a consultation that included answering questions and offering solutions. Key to the "offering solutions" part was that I didn't feel pressure. I felt as though they were truly concerned, not just selling a service. When I met Dr. Trunkey, he was cheerful, helpful and direct when addressing my concerns. Imagine how delighted I was to discover (later that night, after my appointment) that I had missed a call from Dr. Trunkey the night before my appointment. The message greeted me as a new patient and asked about my concerns as a new patient. Who does that? When was the last time anyone got a personal call from a doctor (of any specialty). I am so grateful that I found Trunkey Dental. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I almost didn't want to let the secret out.
Kate E.
In the last 15 years I have seen over a dozen dentists. In the the last couple years I have had nothing but bad experiences dealing with them not honoring their word and always trying to up sell me on something I did not need. When I was told I had been selected as a finalist in the "Fix My Grill" contest, hosted by B'Tuff Magazine and Dr. Trunkey, I really did not think there was anything Dr. Trunkey could do for me. I went to see him more for the people that entered me into the contest then I did for myself. From the first minute I walked in I could just tell there was something completely different about Dr. Trunkey's office. The entire staff made me feel so welcome. I felt like I had been coming there my entire life, they treated me like first class all the way. Then I found out that I won the contest and the rest is history. All the work has not been completed yet but it has already been a life changing experience. It's fun to go to a dentist who has a passion for what he does. He truly cares about what he is doing and you can feel it when he is working on you. The entire staff is truly amazing. I highly recommended Dr. Trunkey and his staff to all my family. They are truly changing lives.
William M.
Dr. T and his staff are the best. It's been a long road from extraction to implant but every step of the way Dr. T and the staff were supportive, encouraging, informative, professional, and made sure that I was comfortable and taken care of. Never made me feel like there wasn't enough time or were rushing me through. Dr. T didn't mind all my questions and was always willing to educate me. I can't say enough about how great they all are. I am so glad Dr. T is my dentist. I never hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Dr. T and all the staff at Trunkey Dental!
Barbara P.
I love this place, they are so friendly and professional. The best experience I have ever had at the dentist. I feel like it's a family environment there. They make you very comfortable. Carolyn in the front is awesome!!!! I will definitely never use another dentist
Rikki S.
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