Meet the Doctors

Dr. Donald Trunkey

When I started dental school, I had a mouth full of broken-off teeth. I was very embarrassed, to say the least. The shame I felt about my own dental problems led to my first rule when dealing with patients…NO GUILT. So, on your first visit here, there will be NO lectures. In fact, we’re going to celebrate that you made it to the first step of having a “Healthy and Carefree Smile.”

I graduated in 1980 from dental school in Loma Linda, CA. What I learned really quickly is that patients would rather be anywhere than in the dental office, so that led to rule 2. LESS DENTISTRY IS BEST DENTISTRY. So, we show you how to avoid coming to the dentist any more than you have to.

After being in dentistry since 1981, I have found that my happiest patients are the ones that stopped the destruction of dental disease and then fixed their teeth as ideally as possible. Then they can live mostly a carefree life as it relates to their teeth. It’s a great place to be!!!

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Specialized Education Qualifications

After earning his bachelor’s degree from LLU, Dr. Trunkey earned his doctorate from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. Dr. Trunkey knew that there was much more to be learned and took many courses outside the scope of general dentistry to expand his knowledge base. He took an 8 year in depth Advanced Dental Education course through the esteemed Pankey Institute in Florida. This course taught him how to effectively address bite issue and jaw problems, such as TMJ. He has since taken many other continuing education courses, including those in implants, orthodontics, digital diagnoses, teeth whitening & cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Trunkey is a member of the Kern County Dental Society, the American Dental Society, the California Dental Association & a Bakersfield-based study club.