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Do you neglect your dentist visit out of fear? Sedation dentistry may be your answer. Many adults have used it to deal with dental anxiety. It is possible to have a comfortable and stress free procedure done with this safe and easy addition.


Sedation dentistry is actually conscious sedation dentistry. You are sedated only enough to make you unaware of your treatment. If you have sensitive teeth, a bad gag reflex, scared of needles, or just an overall fear of dentists, sedation dentistry is for you. Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable and painless as possible.

If you have one of the below concerns sedation dentistry will allow you to get the healthy smile you desire without the fear and stress.

  • Are you afraid of needles & shots?
  • Have you had bad experiences before?
  • Has it been a long time since you have been to the dentist?
  • Do you always gag when having dental work done?
  • Does your mouth not get numb enough?
  • Are all your teeth too far gone?


While under sedation the patient is monitored by our trained staff for any complications. Because of the medication the patients will not be able to drive themselves, so someone will be needed to accompany them to their appointment. To learn more about Sedation Dentistry, visit our Sedation Learning Center.

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