Sedation Learning Center

If you are nervous about going to the dentist’s office, you are not alone! Almost 75% of Americans deal with dental anxiety to some degree. However, fear of going to the dentist can cause you to put off crucial dental visits, which can affect your oral health and the overall health of your body. Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable as possible and prevent serious dental issues down the road. Several procedures can be completed under sedation. If you have been avoiding dental work because of dental fear or anxiety, let us help!

There are thousands of patients across America that suffer from some level of anxiety when they consider a trip to the dentist’s office. It is important that you not avoid crucial dental work because of your anxious feelings. In the long run, avoiding necessary dental work will only compound your oral health problems and cost you more money. Dr. Trunkey offers sedation dentistry as a safe and effective way to help nervous patients get the treatment that they need.

Sedation dentistry has provided effective relief for people in a variety of situations:

  • Some patients suffer from severe dental anxiety
  • Some patients have endured negative experiences at the dentist in the past
  • Some patients have trouble getting numb for their dental procedure
  • Some patients need to have multiple procedures done in one appointment due to busy schedules

Dr. Trunkey’s staff will administer a sedative to you before beginning your procedure. The sedation will cause you to feel “drowsy” and relaxed. You will feel relaxed physically and mentally. While you are enjoying the comfort of the sedative, the dentist will perform the necessary dental work. You will be able to communicate with the staff throughout the procedure, but you will likely have no memory of the procedure once the sedative effect has worn off after the treatment. The staff will monitor your vital signs throughout the appointment to ensure your safety and comfort at all times. You will want to bring along a friend or family member to assist you with your ride home, but you should be able to return to your normal activities by that evening.