Kern River Parkway Trail

In Bakersfield, California, the Kern River Parkway Trail is a beautiful 30-mile trail that follows the Kern River. All ages of runners, cyclists, hikers, and nature enthusiasts frequent the trail. It is an excellent way to get some exercise and take in the splendor of nature.

The Westside Parkway Trail, Kern River Parkway Trail, and Eastside Parkway Trail are the three segments that make up the entire trail. Beginning at the Stockdale Highway and continuing to the Coffee Road Bridge is the Westside Parkway Trail. The Coffee Road Bridge marks the start of the Kern River Parkway Trail, which follows the Kern River all the way to the Buena Vista Lake Wildlife Refuge. The Buena Vista Lake Wildlife Refuge to State Route 184 is connected by the Eastside Parkway Trail.

Exploring Bakersfield’s natural splendor on the Kern River Parkway Trail is highly recommended. Hart Memorial Park and Yokuts Park are two of the parks that the trail passes through. For golfers, the trail is a great destination because it also passes through the Kern River Golf Course.

The trail is kept up well and has a number of rest areas with benches and picnic tables. There are numerous places where people can access the river, where they can fish, swim, or just unwind by the water. Birds, fish, and small mammals are just a few of the animals that call the trail home.

The Kern River Rapids, which is close to Hart Memorial Park, is one of the trail’s busiest sections. This river section is well-liked by white water rafters and kayakers because it has Class II and III rapids. Due to the river’s abundance of different fish species, such as bass, trout, and catfish, the rapids are also a fantastic place for fishing.

The Bakersfield history can also be discovered on the Kern River Parkway Trail. The Pioneer Village and the Kern County Museum are just two of the historic sites that the trail passes through. The history of the Kern River and the early settlers of Bakersfield can be discovered by stopping by these locations.

Throughout the year, many events and activities take place along the trail. The annual Kern River Parkway Trail Run, which takes place in May, draws runners from all over the area. It includes a 10K, a 5K, and a one-mile fun run. Another well-liked occasion that offers live music, food, and family-friendly activities is the Kern River Rock N Blues Festival.

The trail is a fantastic location for leisurely bike rides. The Bakersfield Bike Trail System, which spans more than 90 miles of trails across the entire city, includes the Kern River Parkway Trail. Along the trail, there are a number of places where you can rent bikes, including the Kern River Bike Shop and the Riverwalk Bike Rentals.

For outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, the Kern River Parkway Trail is a fantastic location. There is something for everyone on this picturesque trail, whether you want to take a leisurely stroll along the river or brave the rapids in a kayak. The Kern River Parkway Trail is a must-visit location for anyone visiting Bakersfield due to its stunning views, historic sites, and varied wildlife.

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