Orthodontics allow you to straighten your teeth, which benefits both health and appearance. Clear braces straighten the teeth, but do not draw extra attention like traditional braces. The process does require more diligence and more time.

Another option that 80% of patients use is called Short Term Orthodontics. Braces are only used for 6-9 months to straighten the teeth. This method is faster, less expensive and worry free.

Either option will give the smile and confidence desired. They can both help health issues from developing due to misaligned teeth or jaws. Children, teens and adults that have questions can call our office to find out if a corrective appliance is the best for you.


Children are recommended to visit our office around the age of seven to determine if orthodontic treatment would be beneficial. At this age, their teeth have developed sufficiently enough to evaluate the condition, but since their teeth and jaws are still growing and changing it makes the process easier. Getting orthodontic treatment early in life can allow the child to avoid misaligned teeth, which can lead to decay, cavities, and chewing problems later.


Teenagers can also greatly benefit from orthodontic treatment. More than 80% of US teenagers have worn braces. Treatment can improve:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crowded, misaligned teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Chewing problems


Adults can also get braces. The orthodontic treatment can improve their oral health too. Crooked teeth, gum defects, and excessive plaque are just a few of the problems that can be corrected. Don’t put off the smile you have been dreaming about any longer. Call today and schedule an appointment to find out if orthodontic treatment would be the right choice for you.