Implant Learning Center

Dental implants are a great solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. They are not only durable, they are also natural in appearance and will allow you to smile, speak and eat with confidence again. Dental implants are implanted directly into the jawbone, so they will not slip or fall out, and they are specifically formed to fit into your mouth and match your other teeth.

When you are missing teeth as an adult, your smile begins to deteriorate and you become hesitant to smile at all. Dental implants can restore your smile to its original beauty. In order to protect the integrity of the bone structure in your jaw, it is crucial that these missing teeth be replaced quickly. The empty space left by your missing teeth can also allow your other teeth to shift out of their proper place. Below you can learn some important facts about dental implants to help you understand how they can benefit your oral health.

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are placed over several visits. Dr. Trunkey will evaluate your current oral health at the initial consultation. He will use digital x-rays to analyze the condition of your bone and jaw. These factors must be considered because implants will only be successful if they have adequate bone support. After gathering all the necessary information, Dr. Trunkey will establish a thorough placement plan for the implants and get the implant procedure started. It will take the implants around three to six months to completely heal, and then placing a crown on each implant completes the procedure.

The short answer is yes. Dr. Trunkey and the staff will provide you with additional information about single tooth replacement and fixed multiple tooth replacement. After they have reviewed your situation, they can help you choose which option is the best for you.

It is important that you care for your dental implants exactly as you care for your natural teeth. You will need to practice thorough daily oral hygiene. This includes brushing and flossing at least twice a day. It will also be important to keep up your semi-annual dental checkups. At these visits, Dr. Trunkey will check on the condition of your dental implants. It is not usual for anything to be necessary beyond these measures, but your dentist will let you know if that is ever the case.

Dental implants are actually made of very durable material and will usually last a lifetime if they are given the proper care. Our dentist will help you identify some bad habits that could possibly damage your dental implants. We are passionate about helping you protect your dental implants and sharing that beautiful smile for the rest of your life!

You will be kept quite comfortable throughout the implant process. The procedure itself will not provide any pain. As always, we make your comfort a high priority in every procedure.

Dental implants will require a significant upfront investment of finances. We believe that you will find the benefits of implants make the investment well worth it. We believe in making these benefits affordable, so our front office will help you set up a convenient and budget-friendly payment plan that fits your needs.

While most dental insurances do not offer coverage for dental implants, we suggest that you contact your provider and discuss it directly with them. If they are not able to provide coverage for your implants, please remember that we will work with you to set up affordable and flexible payment options. We believe that quality dental care does not have to be unaffordable.

There is no specific timeline for this. Pain medication will be prescribed and available for you as necessary for the first few days. We have found that the majority of our patients return to their normal schedules within just a day or two.

There are two parts to a dental implant–the artificial root and the crown. The root, which is implanted into your jawbone, is fabricated from titanium alloy. The crown, which is the visible part, is usually composed of porcelain or ceramic. These materials are perfect for two reasons: they blend in very nicely with your original teeth and they are durable.